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HR Matters provides practical people solutions to minimise risk and maximise profit.

When we work with you we focus on 4 key areas: Measurement, Compliance, Performance and Growth.

Working with you

We work with businesses to align activity and strategy to improve productivity, performance and profitability. This means that we ensure that every thing your team is doing is linked to the achievement of your business goals.
Working with small to medium sized businesses, we can tailor our services to suit all budgets and work on short or long term projects.
We have a passion for creating highly engaged cultures that lead to increased performance, positive client experiences and business success.
A fantastic by product of what we do is creating a great place to work, where your team love coming to work!
In addition we also provide generalist HR expertise in all areas relating to people and HR processes.
Talk to us today to find out how we can work together.

Specialised Services

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STAR Workplace Program

The STAR Workplace Program understands that measuring satisfaction of employees is only the top of the iceberg when it comes to people performance; in fact, research from MIT Sloan Business School indicates that it is only 25% of what really counts.The STAR Workplace Program measures more than just satisfaction, it also covers:

Benchmarking these key drivers against the Strategic Action Model™ and Industry standards allows businesses to see the full picture of people performance and alignment within their business – not just the tip of the iceberg!
The STAR Workplace Program has been used since 2008 to survey thousands of workers across all industries and organisation sizes.
Contact us today to find out how STAR Workplace can help your business.

HR Audit

Do you know if you are meeting all of your requirements as an employer AND protecting your business?
Growing your business to take on team members is such an exciting step. But it can also be quite terrifying. There is a lot to put in place to ensure you are not only compliant with Fair Work but protecting your business as well.
As a HR expert I can take the stress and overwhelm out of understanding your employer obligations and provide you with peace of mind through the most up to date insights into people management best practice.

For only $875 + GST I will conduct an audit of your key HR processes to ensure you are not only compliant but also protected.

What you get:
2 hour online meeting with me where we will:
Written report of any gaps with solutions to fix them asap
Let me help you be confident that you are on track with the right processes and best practices in place to look after your team and your business. Contact Katrina now to discuss further.

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