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As a business owner or employer you are legally responsible for providing a workplace that is safe for your employees and any visitors under the relevant state Workplace Health and Safety Acts. You must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and others like volunteers and visitors at the workplace. Duties, or responsibilities, are also placed on managers, supervisors and, workers at a workplace.

Along with having in place the right policies, you need to ensure you follow the right processes for creating and maintaining a safe workplace. This WHS toolkit contains guidance on what you should (and shouldn’t) do and key documents to support you.

  • Hazard Report Form
  • Incident and Investigation Report
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Resolution of a WHS Problem Flow Chart
  • Risk Management Register
  • Safe Work Procedure Template
  • WHS Training Plan
  • Christmas Party Letter to Employees
  • Christmas Party Checklist
  • Ergonomics Checklist
  • Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] Checklist
  • Working from Home Checklist
  • Workplace Health and Safety Guide – Practical People Solutions