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Once you have found the perfect new team member and they have accepted your offer you need to ensure you have a structured induction process. First impressions count when starting a new job and you want to ensure that your new team member feels welcomed to your team and has all the information and support they need to be successful. The last thing you want is for them to go home at the end of their first day worried that they have made a mistake in joining your business. Research shows that a poorly structured onboarding process can lead to a new team member being twice as likely to quit within the first 6 months.

This toolkit will guide you through the things you need to do to ensure that not only their first day, but their first few weeks set you all up for a successful and long lasting working relationship.


  • Employee Details Form
  • Leave Form
  • Timesheet Form


  • Induction Letter


  • Induction/Orientation Checklist


  • Onboarding Guide – Practical People Solutions
  • Forms and Paperwork you need for new team members.