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Hiring your first employee is a significant and important step in the growth of your business. It’s important to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities before you commence the recruitment process.

The first step is to determine what type of employee you need – permanent full time, permanent part time or casual.

  • A full time employee works an average of 38 hours per week and gets paid annual and sick leave.
  • A part time employee gets the same entitlements as a full-time employee but works less than 38 hours per week (with set hours).
  • A casual employee usually works irregular hours and gets a casual loading of 25% but doesn’t get paid things like public holidays, sick leave or annual leave.

You need to ensure you are aware of what Award your employee will be employed under and within that the right pay and conditions that you need to offer.

This toolkit will give you peace of mind by guiding you through the steps you should take to ensure a successful recruitment process with the supporting documentation.

If you need assistance with any part of the recruitment process, including determining the right rate of pay and award conditions, please contact us.

  • Job Application Form
  • Job Description Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • No Vacancies – Keep Application on File
  • No Vacancies But Could Fit Elsewhere Letter
  • Thanks for Application Letter
  • Unsuccessful Candidate Letter
  • Interview Guide Checklist
  • Recruitment Checklist
  • Recruitment Guide – Practical People Solutions