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Probation Management


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Once your team member has started with you and had a successful induction it’s important to have a formal process of reviewing how they are integrating into your team and performing in their new role.

All new permanent employees (full time or part-time) should have a probation period. Generally, this is 3 or 6 months and is used as the time to determine if your new team member is going to be the right fit for your business (by both you and your employee).

Hopefully your new team member will be successful, but if things don’t work well during the probation period there are steps you can take to either make improvements or exit them from your business. This guide will help you manage the probation period to maximise the success of your new hire and protect your business.

  • Probation Management Meeting
  • Completion of Probation Letter
  • Probation Terminated Letter
  • Probation Management Guide – Practical People Solutions