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When you have a team it’s important to ensure that everyone knows the expectations you have of their behaviour and performance. Additionally, you need to be clear about what will happen if things go wrong. Most importantly though, you need to ensure that you are meeting your obligations under Fair Work and relevant WHS legislation by outlining the legal obligations you and your team have in the workplace.

Our policies and documents are written and backed by Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors, who are employment law specialists. Having a comprehensive set of policies in place will ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and meeting your requirements. Documented policies and procedures also remove any ambiguity and uncertainty, meaning you and your team clearly know what to do and can get on with your important work.

Our policy packs are structured to meet key business requirements, however if you wish to add additional policies, please contact us.

  • Business Starter Pack – perfect for the micro business just starting out.
  • General Policy Pack – core policies that you need.
  • Tradie Policy Pack – general policy pack plus additional trade focussed policies.
  • Office Policy Pack – general policy pack plus additional office focussed policies.