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Performance Management


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Whilst most employees work out well, sometimes things can start to go wrong after a period of time in the role. When employee behaviour or work performance starts to deteriorate it’s important to address any concerns quickly, appropriately and effectively.

Having a clear performance management process, including policies and procedures, make it easy for managers and owners to deal with any issues. Likewise, employees know exactly what will happen if they stop meeting the expectations of their role. Additionally, if you follow a process in line with Fair Work guidelines, you will have peace of mind knowing you are not only compliant but doing the best thing for your business.

This guide steps you through what to do when you first identify a performance management issue, through to dealing with complex issues that may lead to termination.

  • Complaint and Grievance Form
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Letter Advising Stand Down During Investigation
  • Warning Letter
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Performance Management Checklist
  • Performance Management Guide – Practical People Solutions