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Building the bridge to (post covid-19) tomorrow

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Time changes everything and change is hard. Two little quotes that right now are quite significant. One of the many things the last few months have shown us is how quickly things can change – both in life and in business. And with that change comes many challenges, especially now as we start to return to the “new normal”. Consequently, we need clear plans for making sure that these changes and challenges have a positive impact for our businesses and our teams. This includes:

  1. Creating a Covid-Safe plan (and associated policies) to ensure you are protecting your staff and your customers
  2. Reviewing your strategic plan (including KPI’s, cash flow forecasts and methods of operation) to prepare for the new working conditions
  3. Assessing employee engagement and alignment to ensure your team can make your strategy happen

Research released by the HR Coach Australasia Research Institute last week has highlighted many of the key challenges businesses will face moving forward. Managing cashflow with the stimulus packages and trying to maintain sales is key. Additionally, new ways of working have been implemented during the lockdown, and some aspects of that flexibility may need to continue and become the norm for the business.

However there are many HR challenges as well that will impact your business significantly including:

  • confidence and energy levels of owners and managers are down 
  • fatigue and anxiety levels are high for owners, managers and retained employees 
  • businesses need to re-build their business structure around their future plans 
  • businesses need to recruit the right people to fill their new business structure 
  • new employees may need to be initially recruited to fill casual or part-time roles, as new employees need to be funded by new business activity – which may vary 
  • recruitment processes will need to be rigorous as applicant numbers will be high 
  • employee turnover is likely to increase by late 2021 as unemployment numbers reduce 
  • employees will be seeking greater flexibility, particularly work from home options 
  • the culture of the business may need to be re-built, and this must start with the management team 
  • baby boomers may be forced to return to employment, as their retirement income is likely to be significantly reduced due to market downturns. 

So where do you start? Please contact me for a copy of the latest Whitepaper “Building the bridge to (post covid-19) tomorrow” and complete the self-assessment for your business. From there, we can work together to ensure you have the right plans in place for your future. 

About Katrina Haynes

Katrina Haynes is the founder and Director of K Haynes HR – HR Matters. As a HR Consultant, Katrina works with SME’s to provide practical people solutions to minimise risk and maximise performance. Providing outsourced HR and workplace improvement services, Katrina specialises in all aspects of HR Strategy, Compliance and Performance, is an accredited DiSC facilitator and has a passion for creating high performing teams and great places to work. 

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