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Workplace Policy Documents – Important information you Must Know!

workplace policy documents

Policies and procedures within the workplace are a necessary component of people management for any business. It is critical to establish clear expectations for all parties involved in an employment relationship. The expectation of appropriate behaviour and the understanding of how and when it applies can be the beginning of good, productive work environments and […]

Building the bridge to (post covid-19) tomorrow

black and white image of an old city

Time changes everything and change is hard. Two little quotes that right now are quite significant. One of the many things the last few months have shown us is how quickly things can change – both in life and in business. And with that change comes many challenges, especially now as we start to return […]

5 top tips for leading, managing and motivating remote teams

dad working while his son playing

Right now, many businesses have had to move their working environment away from a collective office to team members working individually from their own homes. Thankfully modern technology has enabled teams to continue to complete their work this move to remote teams to continue to complete their work. However, this move to remote teams changes […]

Managing the Probation Process – Practical People Solutions

women having a meeting

Now you have found the perfect team member and they have had a successful induction it’s important to have a formal process of reviewing how they are integrating into your team and performing in their new role. All new permanent employees (full time or part-time) should have a probation period. Generally, this is 3 or […]

Employee Retention – Rising to the Great Business Challenge.

co-workers having a huddle

If your employees are silent – beware. Your best and brightest may be on their way out. We’ve all heard this message through one medium or another, but what can be done? The good news is that many effective strategies are right at your fingertips. After seeing this area of concern and pain for many […]

Do you understand your team?

pile of ball pit

It’s not personal, it’s personality. My daughter loves the colour pink. Obsessed with it. Did you know that there are pink cars? Multiple types of pink cars. I do now, because she can find every single one. When playing with her the other day we had a choice of coloured balls to play with and […]

Accelerating performance through multi-dimensional engagement

business partners having a meeting

3 out of 4 businesses have an opportunity to improve their business results – today! Some employees rest before they’re tired. Others perk up in the parking lot at 5 o’clock. Some have quit long ago but have forgotten to tell you. All these employees show up to work every day and give you the […]

End of year celebrations – are you prepared?

waiter pouring champagne

I hate to tell you all this, but it’s 8 weeks til Christmas. The decorations are out at the shops, people are booking their summer holidays and plans for end of year work functions are being made.  Unfortunately, it’s not called the “silly season” for no reason. Every year we hear stories of end of […]

Onboarding New Team Members – Practical People Solutions

welcome signage

So you have found the perfect new team member and they have accepted your offer! Congratulations! But now what? First impressions count when starting a new job and you want to ensure that your new team member feels welcomed to your team and has all the information and support they need to be successful. The […]

Recruitment – Practical People Solutions

man using magnifying glass

Finding a new team member can be hard. Particularly finding the right one. Hiring someone to work with you in your business can be quite daunting – the pressure of finding the right person can be overwhelming. That combined with figuring out the best way to recruit can cause many business owners to dread the […]