Is your business a STAR?

Workplaces are not all the same. The STAR Workplace Program recognises the unique dynamics that different employers bring to their business and enables you and your team to assess your own workplace. As the people responsible for the success of the business, you and your team are the best judges of the quality of your workplace and business results.

What is important is your satisfaction with your business and the satisfaction of the people working with you. That's what makes your business a STAR!

The underlying methodology of the STAR Workplace program is based on research developed by the HR Coach Research Institute on why some businesses have satisfied, engaged employees that make strategy happen and why others don’t.

Staff Surveys are not enough. The STAR benchmarking tools identify what really drives strategy in your business. The four components that are evaluated include:


STAR Workplaces achieve a high rating in all areas. If your business needs assistance in a particular area, the benchmarking process helps in your action planning for improvement which will assist in retaining your STAR Rating for the future.

K Haynes HR will review the results with you and help prioritise actions and review options for improvement which can be actioned over the next six and twelve months.

You've worked hard to build your business. It's time to be recognised for your achievements by becoming a STAR Workplace.  Contact K Haynes HR to find out how.